Aspen™ 3232HD3G Receives a Star Award With TV Technology at NAB 2012

After four days at the NAB 2012 show, with more than 90,000 entertainment and media professionals present Aspen 3232HD3G made by Kramer Electronics and Sierra Video was awarded a prestigious STAR award from TV Technology Magazine and recognized as one of the best products at the this event.

The STAR award is given to companies, recognized for superior technological innovations in the industry. The panel of broadcast industry experts reviews the services and products that are exhibited at the show and estimate their overall contribution to the industry. The Aspen 3232HD3G was recognized and honored amongst a few other select products at this industry’s largest show.


The Aspen 3232 3G-HD-SDI matrix switcher is a part of Aspen product line that consists a general utility 3G HD-SDI routing switchers that are used for any professional video applications, such as in education facilities, hospitals, post production facilities, houses of worship, and broadcast production trucks.

This 3G-HD-SDI matrix switcher is capable of driving long cable runs and is compact and energy efficient. By using an advanced technology, it can drive signals farther than most common 3G HD-SDI routing switchers. 3G signals can be transmitted up to 557 ft, using a high quality cable, compared to 328 ft for a typical performance level in the industry.

The energy efficiency is another key feature of the Aspen 3232HD3G, in addition to a longer transmission range. This device uses less than 32 Watts of power that covers the power usage of the front panel and the standard built-in routing switcher control system. This is much less than other models in this class available on the market today.

The embedded controller that can be accessed via a RS-232/422 serial interface or TCP-IP makes it simple to integrate into any control or automation system. This controller switch is another bright feature of the Aspen 3232HD3G. The convenient control and setup functions are featured by the built-in server, that works with any browser, handheld devices and browser. IP address can be accessed from the front panel by users, allowing a quick and convenient set up.